Darrell Smith  was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. but currently resides in a small town in Whitsett NC.  He is an award winning  filmmaker.  He’s had a career in the the film industry  for 10 years. His work includes four feature films under his belt, starting with his first film “A Deeper Love” which is currently selling in Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, RedBox etc. He proceeded to direct as well as star in the film “Potnah” which he was hired for. “Big Boys Don’t Cry” an anti- bully film in which he made his acting debut along side his five sons, daughter, and grandchild, the film will be released sometime in 2015. Darrell’s new film is called “The Present” a film he also wrote, directed, edited and produced. Darrell is happy to have never lost money on any of his films because of the straight to dvd and independent distribution. He tours malls all throughout the east coast. Darrell is committed to doing films that inspire and touch people’s emotions. In 2014 he opened up a film studio in  Greensboro NC. His plan is to do at least one film a year, shoot videos, commercial’s, and documentary’s that bring awareness to people all over the world.